bill 108 and the return of the omb


The Province's Bill 108 -- "The Return of the OMB" was rammed through Queen's Park with little debate and no time to respond.

In May, I organized a meeting to discuss this legislation with the residents of Ward 8 where my fellow colleague Councillor John Filion and City Planning Staff joined us and shared their knowledge and understanding of how these dramatic reversals have gutted recently adopted, long-awaited OMB Reforms.

These changes have weakened Toronto's authority over planning and development, giving developers much more control while they benefit financially. Currently, the Province is threatening to modify the Planning Act significantly including reducing Developer Charges and Community Benefits (Section 37), which means eliminating funding from the developer used to create childcare centres, community spaces, parks, playgrounds, and other infrastructure projects to better our communities.

Other changes include:

-       Cancelled the Support Centre -  created to help people understand and navigate the land use planning and appeal process.

-       Bring back the overriding planning powers of the OMB over Local Development

-       Include a provision that would allow developers to eliminate Endangered Species if they pay a Fee

-       Dramatically weaken Heritage Protection

For more information about the devastating impacts Bill 108 will bring to local planning and development in Toronto, contact Linda McCarthy in my office at

contact the provincial government

It is important that the Public makes their opinions on Bill 108 known to the various government officials.  The deadline is 11:59 a.m. June 1st.  We would ask you to make your opinions known to:

Premier Doug Ford (

Constituency office: 823 Albion Rd. Etobicoke M9V 1A3  416-745-2859

Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (

Constituency office: Suite 101-100 Stowger Blvd, Brockville K6V 5J9  1-800-267-4408

Robin Martin, MPP Eglinton-Lawrence (

Constituency office: 2882 Dufferin St. Toronto M6B 3S6  416-781-2395