Friends of Marlee Ville


The City has initiated a Visioning Study for Marlee Avenue between Eglinton Avenue West and Lawrence Avenue West. The purpose of the study is to develop a public realm and streetscaping vision and improvement strategy that will enhance this neighbourhood for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users, and expand parkland and open space.

what you can do: clean-up blitz

Together we can make Marlee more welcoming, safer and support local shopping by helping report:

1) Any graffiti, abandoned cars and garbage behind strip malls you can report it by calling 311 OR emailing them at


2) LCBO violations to my office at and in cooperation with MLS, 13 Division, Property Standards and AGCO we can help

It is local community members like YOU who want to make Marlee-Ville Better that can make a difference!

Please share this with your friends and neighbours.

what you can do: Sign the petition for traffic lights at marlee avenue and viewmount avenue

I have heard from the community that there is a need for traffic lights at Viewmount Ave. and Marlee Ave. and in response I have started a petition in support of this.

Please take a moment to sign the petition below and SHARE this with your friends and neighbours.


We the undersigned residents of the City of Toronto, draw the attention of the City of Toronto, Transportation Services to the following:

THAT, the results of the petition will determine whether we ask Transportation Services Staff to initiate a review of the area and see if a Traffic Control Signal is warranted.

THAT, a traffic control signal at the intersection of Marlee Avenue and Viewmount Avenue to replace the existing pedestrian crossover.

THAT, Transportation Services conduct an investigation regarding the operation of the pedestrian crossover and the feasibility of installing traffic control signals at this intersection.

THEREFORE, we the undersigned residents of the City of Toronto that Transportation Services support the coin response to safety concerns raised by residents for a Traffic Control Signal at the location of Marlee Ave and Viewmount Ave. 

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