update - reversal of 2019 budget cuts

On Monday, May 27, Doug Ford announced that the Province would no longer be retroactively cutting $177 million from Toronto’s 2019 Budget. This is an important victory that will mean the City can continue to fund vital public health and child care programs in 2019.

On Saturday, May 25, Mayor Tory and I knocked on doors in Ward 8 to speak to residents about these cuts. Thank you to all the volunteers and Ward 8 residents that came out to the Stop the Cuts Canvass with Mayor Tory and my last two Town Halls. Your passionate advocacy and the actions you took by coming out, asking questions, signing the petition and contacting your local MPP have been critical! Today's announcement shows that when people speak up, fight back and hold elected officials to account, we can make a difference.

We still need to fight to ensure drastic and dangerous cuts are not made to these programs over the coming years. I encourage you to keep contacting your local MPP by phoning, writing and visiting their local office and asking them to speak out against further cuts in the years ahead.

May 7 Town Hall - Impacts of Provincial Cuts to toronto public health

🛑 Stop Provincial Public Health Cuts!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Town Hall! Mayor John Tory, Chair of the Board of Health Joe Cressy, Councillor Josh Matlow, and Medical Office of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa all joined us to speak about the massive Provincial Cuts ✂️ that will damage so many vital programs for years to come.

We had a fantastic turnout with a packed house of concerned residents who asked many necessary, thoughtful questions. We need people to continue to stand up and fight back for the well-being of their community as we look to reverse these cuts.

If you have questions, would like a copy of the presentation or would like more information on how you can help voice your opposition, please contact my office at 416-338-2500 OR councillor_colle8@toronto.ca.

You can also contact Toronto Public Health with your questions at 416-338-7600 OR publichealth@toronto.ca

what do these provincial cuts mean to toronto and to ward 8?

As many of you know, the Province recently announced cuts to Toronto Public Health. These cuts are massive and put a lot of people at risk, particularly our children and seniors.  Over the next 10 years, the cuts are estimated to total about $1 Billion.

These changes to the funding formula communicated to the City of Toronto on Thursday April 18 will revert the funding formula back to 50% provincial, 50% municipal, with a 2 year phase in period. While other local public health units' budgets will be cost-shared 60% Province/40% City OR 70% Province/30% City, the City of Toronto; the largest City in the Country, will have cuts resulting in an $86 million funding cut in 2019, and a $107 million funding cut in years going forward.

The following is a preliminary list of programs delivered by Public Health in Eglinton-Lawrence:

· 52 child care programs which are inspected to reduce the risk of infectious diseases and other health risks;

· 20 breakfast programs;

· 13 school immunization programs;

· 2 dental clinics;

· 1 diabetes prevention program; and

· 1 long-term care centre with food inspections and infection control.

These programs keep our community healthy, especially the most vulnerable. 

I urge you to continue to stand up for the people of Toronto, and ask your MPP to speak to the Minister of Health and request that funding be restored to these most vital public health services.

Below you can find a complete list of all Ward 8 public health programs that will be impacted by the Provincial cuts.