Save Our Ravines

January 21, 2019 Save our Ravines Town Hall

January 21, 2019 Save our Ravines Town Hall

"The ravines are to Toronto what canals are to Venice, hills are to San Francisco and the Thames is to London." - Robert Fulford

Toronto's Ravine System is one of the world's largest urban ecosystems and covers nearly 17% of our City at an area of over 11,000 hectares. It is a primary source of habitat for Toronto's terrestrial biodiversity, provides tremendous economic benefit to the City and is internationally renowned as one of Toronto's most unique and defining features.

A recent scientific study from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Forestry has demonstrated the immense ecological decline Toronto's Ravine System has endured over previous decades, concluding that wide-spread, science-based action must be taken immediately.

In 2017, the City of Toronto released its Toronto Ravine Strategy, detailing steps the City will take over both the short- and long-term to combat the ecological decline of Toronto's Ravine System. The Department of Parks, Forest & Recreation, leading the Toronto Ravine Strategy, is due to report to City Council at an undetermined date in 2019 with an update to the rollout of the plan.

Due to the dire and imminent threats facing our ravines, more action must be taken immediately to combat the ecological decline to native species and biodiversity. New York City established the Natural Areas Conservancy, a framework that aims to increase public awareness and engagement of conservation efforts, work with existing public and private organizations to develop programs and attract public and private donations to restore, conserve and grow the green spaces of New York City. This is a model that Toronto must explore immediately.