Stop the TTC Subway Sell-Off


Our transit system is one of the most important resources the City of Toronto owns and I am strongly against any transfer of our subway to the Province. 

I have a history with our subway system, serving as TTC chair in the late 1980s and early 1990s. We have a fully integrated transit system of subways, buses and streetcars that all work together for the people. I know that if you give the Province control of the subway, you're giving them control of transit in Toronto.

The Province's objectives and mandate is much different than the City's. Will they focus on the needs of Toronto? We have incredible density issues in our city. People often have to wait five subway cars before they can get on. Riders need relief and we all deserve a subway system that prioritizes these needs. By "uploading" the TTC subway system to the Province, we won't have control if they change transit priorities or focus on regional issues. We've seen this measure of Provincial input before with the initial cancellation of the Eglinton subway line in the 1990s and the subsequent construction of the Sheppard line.

However, I am MOST concerned about the impact that this proposed takeover would have on development around subway stations, as the air rights would be sold to developers to pay for subways in the 905 region.

I will do everything we can to push back on the Province and block any attempt on their part to take over the TTC. Please join me in voicing your opposition to this plan and Sign my Petition to Stop the Subway Sell-Off! Keep the subway in the hands of Torontonians!

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Stop the TTC Subway Sell-Off

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